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Bluetooth Scanner OBD2 OBD II Diagnostic Interface Automotive Code Reader Car
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Package includes

  • (1) Bluetooth Scanner OBD2 OBD II Diagnostic Interface Automotive Code Reader Car


  • Universal.
  • Wireless bluetooth up to 10 meters.
  • Supports all OBD2 protocals and all OBD2 cars from 1996 onwards and EOBD vehicles (Petrol cars from 2001 and diesel cars from 2003/2004).
  • Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer specific, and display their meaning.
  • Over 3000 generic code definitions in the stored database.
  • Erase trouble codes and turn off the MIL ("Check Engine" light).
  • Remove spaces from ECU responses to speed data transmission.
  • Store a unique identifier in EEPROM.
  • Set the CAN mask and filter with one command.
  • Easily switch between variable and fixed CAN message lengths.
  • Send CAN remote frames (RTRs).
  • Dimensions: ~70 x 45 x 25 mm


  • Display current sensor data including:
    1. Engine RPM
    2. Calculated Load Value
    3. Coolant Temperature
    4. Fuel System Status
    5. Vehicle Speed
    6. Short Term Fuel Trim
    7. Long Term Fuel Trim
    8. Intake Manifold Pressure
    9. Timing Advance
    10. Intake Air Temperature
    11. Air Flow Rate
    12. Absolute Throttle Position
    13. Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims
    14. Fuel System status
    15. Fuel Pressure
  • Multi Protocol Support:
    1. SAE J1850 PWM (41.6Kbaud)
    2. SAE J1850 VPW (10.4Kbaud)
    3. ISO9141-2 (5 baud init, 10.4Kbaud)
    4. ISO14230-4 KWP (5 baud init, 10.4 Kbaud)
    5. ISO14230-4 KWP (fast init, 10.4 Kbaud)
    6. ISO15765-4 CAN (11 bit ID, 500 Kbaud)
    7. ISO15765-4 CAN (29 bit ID, 500 Kbaud)
    8. ISO15765-4 CAN (11 bit ID, 250 Kbaud)
    9. ISO15765-4 CAN (29 bit ID, 250 Kbaud)

    A. SAE J1939 CAN (29 bit ID, 250 Kbaud)
    B. USER1 CAN (11 bit ID, 125 Kbaud)
    C. USER2 CAN (11 bit ID, 50 kbaud)
  • Software included:
    -Scantool_net113win (Full Version)
    -EasyOBDII V2.2 (Free Version)
    -OBD2Spy (Demo Version)
    -ScanMaster-ELM (Demo Version)
    -wOBDCRAZY (Demo Version)
  • Supports:
    -Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
    -Symbian OS or Andriod OS via proper software
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