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Proudly based in the USA!

The founder of LizardLeds always had a passion for automotive customization. As a teenager he was wiring up his cars and motorcycles with all sorts of cool gadgets. Years later that passion for the industry brought him to LizardLeds.

Now, our company doesn't just deal in automotive products but all sorts of applications including boats, motorcycles, homes, businesses, and even golf cart lighting kits! In addition to our kits, we encourage you to order our individual LED strips, of lengths varying from 1ft up to 16ft long, to create your own custom project. You can power all of our strips directly from any 12V power source such as a car battery, ATV battery, boat battery, etc. For home applications we offer wall adapters to power the strips.

Our state of the art LED strips provide superior brightness for a bold attitude that is certain to impress your friends and turn heads.

Finally, know that at LizardLeds we are dedicated to providing the customer with the best products and service at the most affordable price. Our quality control and straightforward attitude ensure a pleasant experience for each customer.

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